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One platform for all your AI needs - manage, enhance, and enjoy smarter conversations.
Use ChatGPT, Claude, Gemini and other LLMs from a single account.


Got questions about BrainChat?

Why are we building

BrainChat is an upgrade from the basic ChatGPT experience.Right now, ChatGPT's interface is pretty simple – it gets the job done but doesn't offer much in terms of managing your chats or exploring new features. It's like having a basic phone when what you really need is a smartphone. BrainChat steps in as that smartphone for AI chats.We offer a sleek, user-friendly platform that not only connects you to ChatGPT but also to other leading AI models like Gemini, Mistral, and Claude – all from a single login.With BrainChat, you can easily organize your chats, revisit old conversations, and use a library of prompts to enhance your chat experience. It's the smarter way to interact with AI.

Why should I use if I already use ChatGPT?

Using BrainChat alongside ChatGPT 4 offers several benefits that enhance your experience and productivity:Enhanced Chat Management: BrainChat provides a better way to manage your chats, allowing you to organize them by folders, name, pin your favorite chats, or delete them in bulk.Customization: It offers more customization options, such as a prompt and AI character library, web search, integrations, and plugins, to fine-tune AI responses according to your needs.Training Opportunities: You have the chance to train the AI model with your data, which can significantly improve the relevance and accuracy of responses for your specific use cases.Custom-built LLMs Usage: If you have developed your custom-built Large Language Models (LLMs), BrainChat allows you to use them, providing flexibility and control over your AI interactions.Quality and Speed: BrainChat is designed to handle more complex conversations with faster and higher-quality output, providing a smoother and more efficient user experience.Multiple Model Access: BrainChat supports not only OpenAI's models but also gives you the option to interact with other AI models, such as Anthropic Claude, using your directly provided API keys. Plus, if you don't have direct access to OpenAI / Anthropic Claude APIs, you can use the OpenRouter service to access a wide range of models.BrainChat offers a professional UI for ChatGPT and other models, streamlining your workflow and increasing efficiency by taking manual work off your plate.